NSale: Try-Ons and Purchases

Hello hello!

As all of you probably know by now Nordstrom is having their annual anniversary sale! It is early access time for cardholders (which I advise because this is awesome!). I recently went to the Nordstrom closest to me and wow...it is definitely an experience! There are so many great choices and exciting things to try on! Below I am sharing everything that I tried on and what I left with. I'm planning a couple more days to go back as well as more things I am planning on picking up. Of course, you Diamonds will be the first to know! The fastest way to keep up is by my Instagram Stories! You can follow me here, as well as my Snapchat stories which you can find here. I will also leave the icons at the end of this post so that you can easily click through to them.


Outfit 1

So sorry, you'll have to ignore my sports bra. I picked the absolute worst bra to wear for this! These pink shorts are absolute to die for! They are pleated and have an elastic waist band which I love!! Blush is my favorite color and favorite color to wear so I try to keep my eye out for statement pieces in it. I am a statement piece shopper, so I tend to gravitate towards items that seem unique and less likely to be in anyone else's closets! I think these are a perfect short for spring, summer, and guess what?! I'm going to make them work in the fall I promise you!

This tank is super cute, super easy to layer and style in the fall! I do enjoy it, I just decided it wasn't essential to my wardrobe. Unfortunately the shorts were a couple sizes too big so I did have to have them shipped to me in an XS. The tank is in a small but I would definitely go for an XS if I were to purchase it!


Outfit 2

Only the top is new here. I at first didn't have many bottoms to try on so I just kept my shorts on for a couple of items. This grey top is really adorable with the peplum hem at the bottom and on the sleeves. I really loved this top but did not end up purchasing it because there were just too many items I could not let go! This would be so cute in the summer or in the winter. It is a bit of a heaver material so it could be worn as a sweater. 

Steve Madden Booties

Outfit 3

Ok, these shorts are the same style as the blush ones but in this cute little pattern! I just absolutely love the fit. They are so comfortable and versatile! I just went with blush because I felt like the pleats were a lost in the pattern of this pair. 

This top is SOO SOFT! I could not get over how soft and comfortable it was! Of course I grabbed it in the blush but there are a bunch of other colors! I love the open shoulder look lately and it looks like the trend is going to carry over into fall. Blush is also a color that is going to be super in this fall!


Outfit 4

Oh my goodness you guys, this sweater is AMAZING!! I loved it so so so much! I didn't pick it up but it is something I definitely will pick it up before it sells out! It is the softest sweater I think I've ever touched. The fit is so perfect and so flattering. The best part is that it is under $30.


Outfit 5

This sweater was definitely one of my very favorites. The open shoulder is so gorgeous and really so flattering. It's kind of a maroon or wine color and it really is so gorgeous. I really liked how the back was super long and the front was shorter. It seemed very warm and would be a perfect staple for fall. 



These Black Vince Camuto open toed booties were so amazing! They made my foot look way smaller than they are (which is hard) but wow. They were so beautiful! I didn't end up getting them because...well right next to them in the picture! These grey booties are literally me in a bootie. They are beautiful silver suede. Steve Madden really out did himself with these, and as my favorite shoe maker (besides Converse) I absolutely had to choose these. I cannot wait to style these they are amazing! And under $90! 


More is definitely coming! I want to go back at least twice more before the sale ends to pick up anything I missed as well as things that have sold out and will be restocked! I also grabbed this gorgeous leather jacket that I will add a picture when I can! Let me know if you have any questions!