Hey Diamonds! Lynnie here.

I'm a 20-year-old college student-athlete studying Public Relations and Business. My goal here on thediamonddays is to create a safe space for women to come and play. Where they can get inspired, laugh, and learn to love themselves and their unique style. 

I aspire to take fashion to a whole new level, making it something more than just what we wear daily. As my blog grows, I hope to incorporate stories from others as well, so you Diamonds can start piecing together you're own style! 

I started getting interested in fashion about three years ago. I stopped caring what people thought about me and started expressing myself through fashion. I haven't been happier since! I started blogging two years ago, but college life started getting too hectic and I wasn't able to sneak away and blog. I am finally back and ready to blog again!

Fashion is so much more than just putting on clothes. Let's explore it together!